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The Railway Museum.

On Tuesday, year 2 and year 3 children went on a day trip to the Kyoto Railway Museum. We traveled to the museum on one of our school buses. We left Ishida kindergarten at about 10:00, and arrived at the museum at about 10:50. We entered the main building, and, after a toilet stop, toured around the trains that were located near to the central area. It was fun to view inside some carriages that included sleeping facilities, and some others that included restaurant sections.

A wide arrange of locomotives, carriages, and related machines are on display. There are both steam trains and newer electric ones there. I asked some of the children which type of train they prefer. Most kids said that they prefer shinkansen (bullet trains) to steam trains. I myself prefer steam trains. Maybe bullet trains are popular because of their sleek design and high speeds! Next, we got on some open-sided carriages and went on a short train ride, pulled by a large steam locomotive. We all enjoyed viewing the scenery pass slowly by and being able to see various trains on the nearby JR lines. It was especially exciting to witness shinkansen trains whizzing pass the side of us.

All of the children had taken lunch boxes and drinks flasks with them from home. Lunch was eaten on mats in the old locomotive shed. It was amazing to be able to sit down by a variety of vintage steam locomotives. They are big, black, strong and imposing-looking machines. There were a total of twelve locomotives in the shed. After lunch we had the chance to climb up into some of the locomotives’ cabs and stand on the footplates.

We then moved back to the main building and completed a tour of the museum. We saw many more trains, and lots of displays about the underlying technology of trains and railways. Such features as: signals, electric motors, engines, wheels, gears, and communication systems. Many children tried using the communication system of an old electric train. They did seen to have more fun making silly voices than giving a good announcement!!!

The tour finish at about 13:15. We walked back to our school bus, and departed from the train museum at about 13:20. on the route back, a few of the children had a little nap. They felt sleepy after all the extra walking during the visit! We arrived back at Ishida school at 14:10.

As the children walked back into school, they were excited to tell the other teachers about what they had done and seen during their visit. No matter what a person’s age is, everyone likes old railway trains!

I would like to thank all the parents for providing the students with packed lunchboxes, and for driver Toshikura-san for driving the bus to and from the museum.

– Mark –